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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
So, are we talking "hearth of fury" dificult, or just dificult compared to most RPG's theese days?
If you play as a mage grab Glyph of Repulsion as soon as possible (or get massacred by melee fighters as soon as you cast an offensive spell) and be prepared to spam Cone of Cold (unless your party members are in the way, since they can get frozen and shattered as well!) since even with my mega elite stats it takes a few shots for me to kill even darkspawn grunts with moderately high level spells unless i freeze/petrify then shatter, which doesn't always work. This might have something to do with your staff being tied to your spellpower (I think), but i haven't seen any staves better than mine yet (which is rather bleh), so that's a rather moot point.

To be honest, it probably would have balanced the game more if they kept the difficulty levels the same but gave the option of turning off friendly fire, since a lot of the spells are AOE. In fact, there are only 3 spells in the Primal school (almost all of the direct damage-dealing spells are Primal) that you can use if you don't want to kill the people making sure you aren't chopped to pieces or send them flying.

Also I'm sick of getting into conversations after fights with blood magi where I save everyone with blood magic that are essentially "Yeah lynch all the blood mages!" then only having "Yeah **** blood magi, feed them to the darkspawn, they're evil!" responses available to use.

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