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Playing as a mage is difficult in this game, or maybe because I insist on playing on Hard. I really miss the Stoneskin/Premonition powers that I spammed while playing NWN2, as there are no spells that let you resist damage dealt in Dragon Age. Come think of it, there are only like two spells that directly boost defense, so managing your mage character carefully is key to success. Far from impossible though.

On the plus side, it seems that they have finally gotten around to making it worthwhile to play as an archer. Really tired of playing as a melee character in both KOTOR and NWN2. I currently play as a rogue archer after giving up on my mage, and I'm having no difficulty in using a bow, even in melee combat.

Lastly, I agree with the reviews. Definitely a game worth playing. Haven't gotten sucked into an RPG story as quickly. Bug-free and lag-free on my machine.

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