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"American ingenuity...and simple, quite excellent. But unfortunately we'll need more then sunglasses to get past the SS....we've been working on a cover for Wang. Our operatives in the Pacific have confirmed the trade of information between the Japanese and Germans...a Japanese Embassy will most definately be at Mittenwald's bunker...due the fact that both the Japanese and Nazis are working together to end our 'miserable' existence"

"Well, I thank you for that, and I can go with that plan, but I think the sunglasses would still help, though," said Wang, taking the glasses from Jackson and thanking him for it. "Like I said before, there are subtle differences between Chinese and Japanese people that Westerners can't seem to pick up. No offense to you guys. Also, I'm more skilled in demolitions. I think Miss Delaclo- uh, Miss Delacroix" - Wang still struggled to pronounce her name correctly - "would need to teach me some tricks of the trade, but I don't think there's time for that."

"Well, every little bit helps, and the less they're concentrating on his face the better"

"Yes, that would help. It would make the disguise more..." Wang searched for the right word. "Effective." Wang now felt confident. Unless there was a hiccup in the infiltration, or some other random event, he believed that things would go smoothly, and the mission would be successful.

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