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Sorry for the double post, but I was told to update my character. Here's the new Yoroi, without his Nightmare Seal.

Name: Yoroi Mitarashi
Age: 19
Rank: Jonin
Personality: His personality is for the most the same as it is before, except the influence of the Rinnegan is now altering him into a being similar to the Akatsuki leader Pain/Pein/Nagato.
Weapons: Chakra Disruptor Blades
Nature Type: Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Yin-Yang
-Summoning: Nightmare Horrors
-Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path
-Shinra Tensei
-Bansho Tennin
-Chibaku Tensei
-Samsara Art: Six Paths
-Samsara Art: Elemental Sword of the Six Paths
-Samsara Art: Commanding Pull of the Outer Path
-Samsara Art: Absolute Will of the Outer Path
-Heavenly Hand of Release from Samsara's Will into Nirvana: Death's Open Fist
-Lightning Release: Wave of Electrical Charges
-Water Release: Great Water Dragon Missile
-Fire Release: Great Fireball
-Wind Release: Gate Palm
-Earth Release: Stone Missile Barrage
Background: After undergoing an operation by Konan of Amegakure, Yoroi is now free of the Nightmare Seal and can use just about any non-Kekkei Genkei Jutsu he sees. However, little does he know that the Nightmare Seal held back the influence of his Rinnegan, which is now turning him into essentially the rebirth of Nagato.

As of 3/14/10, TSL is restored. The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification by Stoney and Zbyl has been finished and can be downloaded here.

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