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The influence it has on children is what bothers me. Some children in my class watch music station (past 9PM) and movies in the same timeslot all the time.

I can see those children act differently then the ones who are 'sent to bed' at a normal time.

But anyways, for me personally, I don't think there's that much sex in the media. It's all very suggestive, not plain explicit. Just look at the Cooper (I has zereau I.Q. lolzor) Mass Effect case. The people who shout 'TOO MUCH SEX' are always on the front line, sometimes even before objectively looking what it's all about. Overreacting is what causes this debate in the first place.

-Music video's: Very suggestive. What bothers me most there is the language. Candy Shop from 50 Cent is just...ugh.
-Games: In SERVICE of the story, very, very mildly suggestive display of sex. Mass Effect had a beautiful sex scene, very Titanic-ish and in service of the story.
-Books: Some 'teen' books are VERY explicit. Recently read through some of the books children in my class read. It's...suggestive to say the least. But that could be the depending on country.
-Movies: Depends. A hot actress doesn't turn me on...but that's because I can think abstract and see a sex scene in service of a movie, not the other way around.

Anyways, influence of the above hasn't turned bme into a sexual pervert and I think that at a certain age (around 15) children can see things in an abstract way and see through it all. Before that, parents should explain/protect their children.
Let's face it: At a certain age children will be confronted with sex anyway. In the practical way (12 year old dad in Brittain: Way to go parents!), or a theoretical way (I got sexual education from the age of 13 if I remember correctly). As long as they don't see above mentioned examples as fact, it's good.

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