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"Well, I'm not quite trained for infiltration, not something that Airborn normally gets, but I'm a good-enough scout and I can jump out of perfectly good aircraft. That's about all you'll need to know, aside from the fact that I can use just about anything you throw my way weapon wise."

Ferris nodded, "We understand that your strength is not in under-cover work, but you will help the others with parachute training. Someone of experience around gives the new jumpers a sense of confidence most the time."

"You guys have a hat? Cause if we give Wang a bowler hat along with the glasses...."

Mr. Will muttered under his breath, "...and create a stereotype in the process..."

Ferris nodded to Reynolds, "We can do that."

He then looked to Wang, "There should be enough time for you and Miss Delacroix to work on your skills, but not much. Our departure time is to be kept secret, and until then, you are all to stay with us here, with SOE. If you tell ANYONE of what was spoken of here, you will be shot as a traitor. We're dealing with things so high above ourselves that any small mistake could change the course of our time."

He took a sip of his tea, and sat down in a chair and looked at the map of Mittenwald.

"..I really wish we had an actual idea of what we're going after..."

Commandant's Headquarters

Sturmbannfuhrer Wolff looked stood completely still as he watched 3 local resistance fighters marched over to the gray wall that surrounded his HQ. They had been found trying to plant mines on one of the Northern roads, and as they were caught red-handed, were sentenced to death on the spot.

One of the resistance fighters was an older man of more experience, and his face was somber, but still had some fight left in him, even in his hopeless situation.

The other two fighters were a younger man, and a boy, that couldn't have been of 14 years of age.

It surprised Wolff that Germans would resist their own government, after all that they had done for the Fatherland.

He shook his head. They were no longer German. True Germans do not resist the will of the Fuhrer. They were now the enemy, and were to be treated as such.

The 3 fighters had made it to the center of the wall, and 5 SS soldiers lined up in front of them, K-98s glistening in the sun.

One of the Leutnants motioned for the squad to take positions, and the 14 year-old suddenly began to cry. The boy had lost the nerve that had made him fight the SS so fervently.

Wolff nodded to the Leutnant that he could commence the execution, and he turned to leave the complex, getting into his staff car. Right as he closed the door of the car, he heard the loud crack of rifle-fire.

And the impact of metal against flesh.

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