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Crash When Saving

I've found various crash problems related to Psychonauts, but none of them are exactly like this, and none of the solutions suggested have helped me (graphics driver, sound driver, different CD, etc.)

What's happening to me is that, if I save the game, then moments later the whole game just freezes. No crash error or anything, it just freezes. If I'm lucky, I can minimize the program and Ctrl-Alt-Del it away, but afterwords if I restart the game, there is sound but no video. Also, until I restart the computer, my internet connection won't work (yeah, I know it doesn't make sense.) Most of the time I can't even get past the frozen screen, and have to hard-restart the machine. Okay, what on Earth is this?? I've upgraded to version 1.04, my specs are more than adequate, my drivers are up to date ... this just doesn't make any sense. Does anybody know what the heck is going on? Or, if not that, does anyone at least know how I can contact the makers of the game to ask them? All I can find is a phone number for Majesco: no e-mail account or chatroom or anything.
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