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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
I'm in general supicious of rating media acording to age, it seems like a wonderfull excuse for parents to not get to know how their children handles voilence/sex (I'm not including swearing because children swearing is more embarasing for themselves than harmfull). I have seen plenty of parents enforcing a blanket bann on having their children interacting with media they are too young too use acording to the rating, despite them obviously handling it, just as I have seen plenty of parents hiding behind the rating when it's obvious their children can't handle it.
Another good point. And we all know that studios like to push for lower ratings so they can get a broader demographic. Like J7 mentioned with the Dark Knight, it was quite a bit more violent than it's rating led it on to be, but in all fairness, it didn't have many sex scenes (if any at all. I don't remember quite clearly. Not exactly my fav movie.)

Anyways, for some people it can be really hard. You hear about studies of children who play video games that become more aggressive, but don't forget about those who play them and are relatively unaffected.

Same goes with sexual content on TV. Some people are instantly turned on at the sight of your standard Victoria's secret commercial (understandable), and some people don't even care.

Everyone's different, which makes it hard to rely completely on rating systems.

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