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Reynolds glared at Mister Will, he didn't know what the man's problem was, but ever since he'd gotten in here it had been one snide comment after another. Damn Limeys, he thought to himself, somewhat disgusted.

"We understand that your strength is not in under-cover work, but you will help the others with parachute training. Someone of experience around gives the new jumpers a sense of confidence most the time."

Reynolds blinked once, twice, three times. "You're going to have this group Jumping?" He said quietly, wondering what idiot had thought up this plan, one did not simply pick up the skills needed for Jumping like the rain.

"Add some makeup to that, and you are golden."

Reynolds smiled at the other man's enthusiasm. "The whole point of the hat and glasses is to distract them by showing them exactly what they want to see. Once you change the skin color the face isn't going to look right and that'll throw up warning flags all over the place. Besides, that stuff's water-soluable, so once it rains Wong will be back to his old self."

Reynolds looked over at the map of Mittenwald. "Ever get the feeling that something's staring you right in the face but you can't see it?" He asked Ferris, gesturing at the map. "I know I'm seeing something here that's familiar, but I can't come up with it."

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