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Originally Posted by Samnmax221 View Post
I don't think zombies have the capacity to be in abusive relationships.

Agreed, normally that would be the case according to how horror fiction use to be written. Once upon a time, most of these monsters were just blood-sucking, brain-eating, flesh-ripping ghoulish fiends with about as much emotion as an animal would have in the wilds; mostly lust and fear. Even the old vampire was out for a meal and not really interested in a long term relationship with it's pray. The little love drama that he would fake with his female pray was just a ruse to suck the life out of her, or blood as it eventually became evident, in the old media we use read and see.

But now, today's horror fantasy writers have apparently changed the rules, or should I say the evil characters themselves to a loving, life-saving, "Love me and don't leave me, because I want to be yours forever and have your baby" kinda BS monster. So I wouldn't put it past them to write such a comical zombie love triangle in the future, or some other weird crap that makes most people really wanna hurl.

Mark my words, they'll do it - the film makers will write something like that because it's the kinda crap that makes money nowdays.

Anyway, just give me movies like Blade, Howling 1,2 and 3 or even the old vampire and wolfman/werewolf movies from the early 20's to the mid 90's and I'll watch that anyday instead of this BS Twilight. At least those old movies were somewhat realistic.

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