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Originally Posted by Ten-96 View Post
In their Qur'an, it is taught that there will be peace - once all people recognize Islam as their religion. Until such a time, muslims are told in the Qur'an to offer non-believers three choices: conversion, subjugation (slavery) or death.
I suggest you actually read the Qur’an and not rely on the msinterpretation of others. I’d also suggest you read the Bible and find how it too can be interpreted to advocate violence.

Personally I believe extremist are the problem, no matter if they are Muslim, Christian or any other religion.

However, without knowing exactly why Major Hasan acted in such a way with the current information. I believe it is dishonorable to his victims and their friends and family to speculate at this time about his motives. Now is a time to grieve and support, there will be time to blame in the future.

@Below, no just careless. Playing games while typing.

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