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If you're told you're not allowed to have something, you want it all the more. Its human nature. So when there is a cultural taboo saying something shouldn't be done, it is also wanted all the more.

The only thing stopping something like sex in popular culture is the amount of people who don't want it. Back in the early 20th century the amount of people against sexuality's general presence in culture was high. When the numbers shift from one side of the fence to another for whatever reason [such as religious beliefs (or the lack thereof), personal preference or cultural acceptability, etc,] you get what we have today.

The major reason causing the "population shift" is the influential power of the media. Media influences people who influence media that influences more people, and so on.

Another reason is of course people themselves (which is actually the source of the media's influential power: media is actually about people).
So: People influenced by media influence other people who influence other people, who influence media, etc.

Personally, i think its a machine that can only be stopped by an opposing movement of equal or greater force. The only way such a movement would come into being would be chance: the constant shifting and activity of the equations of our existence. That, or Divine intervention.

@Christians: You probably believe its the latter, and that there is no former, to which i say you're right. Throughout history God has countered depravity with stronger movements of His own (such as the old Revivals in America, for example) But isn't it curious that nothing has been done so far? Most actions in history were taken before it ever got to the stage that it is now...

Originally Posted by ztalker
The influence it has on children is what bothers me. Some children in my class watch music station (past 9PM) and movies in the same timeslot all the time.
I'm quite surprised at it too. Not long ago i was teased by some 12 and 13 year olds for not having had sex before.

Originally Posted by ztalker
But anyways, for me personally, I don't think there's that much sex in the media. It's all very suggestive, not plain explicit. Just look at the Cooper (I has zereau I.Q. lolzor) Mass Effect case. The people who shout 'TOO MUCH SEX' are always on the front line, sometimes even before objectively looking what it's all about. Overreacting is what causes this debate in the first place.
My post above is based on the premise that there actually is to much sex in media. But i am referring to media as a whole. Some things are more explicit than others. (such as R rated movies, for example). I can't say i liked the scene in Mass Effect, (simply because of what other people may think) but it was relatively nothing, and it was targeted at mature audiences. I'm hoping that they keep it at the same level for the sequels.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.

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