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Yeah, Jonathan7 kinda summed up many of my views on this subject in that last post. Personally, I do believe in a deity, but I highly doubt that It cares about what people do in bed (or against walls, in cars, in restrooms, etc. ) or portrayal of that subject in popular culture. For one thing, why would God make us innately horny if being horny is sinful.

And yes, we are innately horny. Millennia of evolution has eliminated those who did not enjoy or did not actively pursue sexual pleasure. Fact is, we are the product of lust. Saying lust is evil is like saying we are evil. Possessiveness, however, is evil, and occurs in both theistic and atheistic contexts.

@ Original Post:

I think its quite the opposite. There is too little. For one thing, violence is much more common in the media than sex, considering that the media goes out of its way to censor sexuality when possible.

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