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I have read the Bible numerous times and consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to the Holy Scriptures . I have, as I stated above, began to look into the Islamic religion (most online and a borrowed copy of the Qur'an from the local library). Jihad Watch is only one of the many websites I visit. There are numerous others. While there are many that view academia and the publications thereof as the place to go for information, I do not. The internet has a vast array of unfiltered information that is readily available with and without bias.

My view of the Islamic faith has changed. I used to believe that it was a religion of peace and would argue with others about it. I'm too old to read one opinion and base my views on that. Just because I view Muslims differently now doesn't make me rude or insensitive. My views of that religion are mine and I don't expect them to shared by everyone. I merely voice my opinion and debate based on my views and experience.

A lot of this may seem of topic until you consider the words uttered by Hasan before he began to shoot his fellow soldiers. Then, consider the reported internet postings and the FBI's interest in Hasan. You can also consider the statements made by those that served with him and knew him.
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