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I recently got back from ten months in Germany. Compared to their popular culture, no, the US is full of nothing but prudes. I say this because on page one of the widely circulated newspaper are fully nude girls seemingly just for kicks (they're not ugly either..... ). Going from there, where casual/intentional nudity is nothing, to the States where simply seeing a low cut top sends mothers and politicians, our culture really could use a good helping of nudity.

Plus, in the age of Google, any kid the age of 8 has already seen porn, and probably gay/lesbian porn as well. So, it stands to reason, why bother, honestly, with the whole "protect the children" line of idiocy? Kids come into the world breastfeeding, but suddenly after the age of small the sight of a woman's breast will corrupt them for all time and turn them into incorrigible rapists, philanderers, and adulterers? Or whatever reason d'jour. It does not make sense. People. Are. Stupid. Politicians are worse.

Cliffs for the lazy: No, we don't have enough sex, drugs, nor cursing in popular culture mediums such as TV.

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