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Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak View Post
I hate the tactics system. No matter what I pick, it sucks.
Indeed. It really needs a few options like "don't nuke entire party to death", "don't run into the middle of a grease fire", "don't run past a bunch of enemies to get to other enemies further away, thus aggro-ing half the map at once" etc. A more varied list of default setups would be nice as well. I'm hoping we'll see a mod that address some of the system's failings in the future, along the lines of AI script mods that have been made for previous Bioware games. As it stands, you really have to micromanage everything for every party member, which gets pretty tedious with no queue to stack orders.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
After getting inducted into the Grey Wardens, however, I think the origin story has gone down and general RPG-ness has set in.

I guess the origin story itself will continue when I return to Orzammar, but that's going to be quite a while.
My first playthrough was as a dwarf noble warrior. Just started a second playthrough as a mage. I have to say I found the mage origin to be fairly lacklustre. I did spot an NPC that you run into in a later quest though, so that will be interesting to see how it plays out this time around.

As far as integration of the origins into the main plot, don't expect too much. You get a couple of nods here and there with a custom line or two of dialogue, but nothing extensive.

Originally Posted by Laar_Dha View Post
I've been playing them since before they had any graphics. (Yeah, I'm really that old. )
I remember playing The Hobbit text-based game at the local library on (I think) an Apple IIe more than 20 years ago. I killed Thorin with a karate chop to the back of the neck.
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