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Any way to improve Vids in TSL?

I am playing TSL for the first time and enjoying it very much, i was waiting for some years for a mod project to succeed in fixing most of the bugs and now that we have one, a great one it appears, I have begun. But. I was surprised at the very low quality of some of the vids in Peragus, the opening ones of the asteroid field when you fix the ship and again when you escape, and also the star field when you first go outside in the space suit. The ones of the field were very grainy and poorly done. In contrast the vids of the bridge of the ship and even the one of the ship arriving are pretty good.

I do have the supposedly enhanced video add on, and re added it twice to be sure i had actually replaced the original movies. Is there a story behind some of these being such poor quality and is there any way to improve them? Just wondered as the game itself is great and I am enjoying it a lot.

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