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Question Modding PSP BFII

Hey everyone. Ok, so for anybody who does not know, a while back, Broadus created an AWESOME mod for star wars battlefront II on the psp by changing up some things in the .lvl's (i think mission.lvl and/or shell.lvl?). he basically unlocked things that the devs decided to not use (yet include in the umd? ) and increased the number of AI bots dramatically. the last time he commented on his PSP modding work was here:

the mod is amazing and works great and all, but for multiplayer w/ friends, having 16 players minimum on each side just creates some serious serious lagggggggg. so my question is, if Broadus could hex-edit or something the .lvl's to increase the number of AI in single player maps to 24/32 per team and set the minimum to 16 AI per team in multiplayer, is there some way we could change the .lvl's again to limit the number of AI per team in multiplayer (say to 10 or so? default was 6 per team )?

if anybody knows anything about this and can help me out, that would be seriously amazing. i can provide the .lvl's for the psp version of the game if anybody wants to mess around with them. thanks in advance for ur help!

P.S. I contacted Broadus see if he could help, but he was last active sometime last year, so im guessing i wont reach him from here? if anybody knows how to reach him and can let me know, that'd be great
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