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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Nice one liner, but I was only replying with stuff I had heard on Fox News and ABC News. You may want to actually check out the difficulties shared by Japanese American "heroes" soldiers that fought against their own race and culture. It is very different for a common race and culture than for whites that have very different cultures and backgrounds. I would put it more along the lines of me fighting against fellow Texans than fighting Europeans.
Well, the most decorated Japanese American unit in WW2 was the 442nd Combat Regiment*, and it was deployed to Europe. I'm sure there were probably some German Americans that weren't all that crazy about having to fight other Germans. But fact is, most Americans look like most Europeans, ie predominantly caucasian. In some cases they probably weren't all that culturally different either, given the last big wave of Euro-emigrants were from central europe toward the end of the 19th century. I'm sure there were individuals that may have felt conflicted b/c of that, or maybe they'd be killing distant or not so distant relatives. One of the hazards of being a nation w/a lot of immigration. No doubt the Civil War in America was a source of angst for many soldiers. As for those conflicted Japanese (be they nisei, sansei, etc...), I rather doubt many/any of them responded by killing a bunch of their fellow soldiers as Hasan did.

Problem with Hasan is that the act did NOT occur in a vacuum. Much of the "speculation" isn't of the aimless race-baiting kind (ie "dirty muslim" or somesuch). Just as the 442nd proved in WW2 that being Japanese American didn't mean being disloyal, it would be wrong to knee jerk assume that muslim Americans are axiomatically guilty of harboring seditious or treasonous attitudes. It would be equally unwise to assume that there aren't some who do.

*iirc, the most decorated unit in the army during WW2.

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