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Ehh, it depends. When we start getting explicit in mainstream is too late--at some point there is a line that needs to be drawn.

Is there too much? In some senses, yes. However, some senses it needs to be as fully present as possible to define and contrast.

I have seen a ton of good points already in this thread. If I may: discretion is NOT repression.

On the one hand you haverepression making people into pervs later on; on the other you have no bounds and guidelines and yet we're surprised when these people either end up prevs or victims or ****ups in some other form.

While I do agree that nazi parents who isolate their children and expect them to grow up as perfect little people are just asking for trouble, I have seen all too many times where parents refuse to intervene on these points and it culminated a number of scenarios (too numerous to list them all here) that could have been prevented.

Then there are parents who do it right, and get involved with their children. These parents don't let it be a freefall (they know when "enough is enough"), but at the same time are honest about these things. Maybe if the child is too young to know in detail at a certain point you give them a little something to essentially answer their question and then tell them that the details shall be reserved for future discussion.

We need generally and mutually agreed upon decency standards. Universally. Now, before you start shouting "BAH theocracy!", then accuse me of fascism and hound on separation of church and state, I should like to point out that standards and guidelines of decency are not a solely religious thing. Hell, part of the reason I was once an atheist was at disgust at how some religious people were morally liberal and used selective ethics to justify and make special pleas. I've since become a bit more faithful and learned that regardless of faith (or lack thereof) a person's actions are indicative of their character. SO, point being is that we can agree on character values and that it is not any one faith forcing their views down everyone else's throat.

Why do I say we need this? Because even though there are mostly good parents, the few out there (nazis raising sheep and naive idiots; trash raising monstrous little animals or victim jailbait) who don't know what they're doing or don't care could make it miserable for everyone else.

I also don't relish either my daughter getting knocked up by the first boy she meets, or my son either getting sent home because he brought my hustler to his elementary school and called the teacher a slut, or bringing in some leech.

That's my .
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