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Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

Well itīs not released international but in Germany. Released on Friday November 6th. And donīt ask me about the other releases. Donīt know.

Yesterday I finished it.

The entry is a little bit confusing. The graphics are in 2D (I love that) and with wheater efects. But on some spots the graphics are blurred!
And like in Dott you can browse between three charakters! But you canīt share things and it has no impact. But you can show it to the others and they can give you a little tip! Thatīs a nice and useful feature! Or a funny comment.
The puzzles are easy. But a few are difficult.

Music reminds me on MI 3! But... not only one time! A big plus is the great atmosphere! I canīt explain it but it has the "LucasArts charme".

And donīt think (like others and me) it has something to do with MI! And the name "Ghost Pirates..." has nothing to do like you know it from MI... Itīs slightly better than AVS.
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