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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
I haven't played any Baldur's Gate <snip>
You should. BG1 isn't that great, but I still found it fun and there are mods available that make up for it's worst shortcomings (like the interface). It's best to think of it as a prequel to the main event. BG2 is nothing short of the best game that BioWare has ever produced by a significant margin. The combat is both tough and thrilling and the spellcasting system (sequencers FTW) is incredible. The graphics are of the type that really don't age (like PS:T; same engine) and the story isn't bad, either.

As a whole, these two games and their expansions combine to make an awesome super-game as you take your PC from Level 1 weakling to Level 30+ demigod. It's just so much fun.
Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
To be sure, there is a dose of nostalgia factored into that, but I still dig BG2 out a couple of times a year for another run through.
Same here.

And as far as having to micromanage your party in combat, well, that's nothing new to me. Not micromanaging was a good way to get your entire party wiped out in BG/BG2.

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