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Takeda looked over at Tategami and then down at Karela. There was more he wanted to say but he had to get Karela to the hospital. Somehow sensing Takeda's intent, Specter stepped in and looked at him.

"I'll take Karela to the hospital, after a split like that I doubt you'd make it anyway."

Takeda gave a nod and handed Karela over to Specter. Specter looked over at Yamato

"Ready to get going?"

Takeda looked over at Tategami once more.

"I can't stand by and watch the same thing happen Asuka that did Karela. If I must wait due to this Kraken Tomb than I want to be challenged in my training. I want to be pushed beyond my limits, I want to be ready for these Arashi scum!"


Takai stood in a bloody hallway. His wiped his sword clean of the blood with his tongue. He smiled as he looked up at the carnage. Takai teleported into the next room. Inside was a girl crying out to no one.

"Awww, why the sad face Asuka? Run away from home again?"
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