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Damn. I liked Lou b/c he actully said stuff without the hyperbole. BTW, Someone fired a shot into his house on Oct. 25th from the street he lives on.

People far on one side decry and bemoan the other, if only for the fact it exists.

Though some exaggerate, others omit things. Telling partial truth is no less a prevarication as is adding stuff to whole truth. Or anything in between that isn't the whole truth and nothing but--so help them G O D. Far as CNN...I think they're full of themselves. Oh yeah right, "We're the #1 source for independent voters." Sure. And my real name is Luigi Mario; I'm married to Sheena Fujibiyashi. :¬:

All things considered TV liberal sources: CNN, CBS, PBS NBC, ABC; TV conservative sources: FOX.
You sorta have to watch both sides to get the whole story.

Also, dunno about anyone else, but he is the only guy *really* sticking up for the American middle class--even pointing towards republicans and conservatives when they have been the problem. The only other guy to do that (well maybe not only, but this one prominently) would be Fred Thompson.

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