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"You cannot have an opposition movement without opposition media." -Van Jones, former Green Jobs Czar for President Obama.

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post

Of course, which is why every news consortium is usually full of bullocks, with "real" news seldom being reported. I merely find the knee-jerk reaction to anything associated with "liberalism" brings a response similar to a baby in a blender.
Only point of posting the article was that CNN no longer had the figleaf of claiming themselves other than leftwing media. The only things coming really close to balancing them out were a toned down Glen Beck and Lou Dobbs. Now both are gone. I agree w/TC that Dobbs was more centrist than conservative, but he still gave CNN some excuse to claim they weren't looney lib starkers. As to their rhetoric about being the #1 news source of independents......

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