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Originally Posted by Det. Bart Lasiter View Post
also news networks are not stews, you can't add or remove a pinch of dobbs or beck and make the network more or less balanced, if you thought they were biased before, they still have the same bias now.
I thought bias was a given, anyways?

personally, i think cnn is the least biased of the cable news channels, although that doesn't say much since they are all trash even if they weren't biased


i guess what i'm saying is that if you watch cable news networks for anything other than entertainment value you are a partisan hack anyway so it's a bit hypocritical to accuse them of bias
Uhhh...Whose accusing?

I guess I could basically go for that--if for different reasoning: different angles of the same piles of manure. Day in, day out. Or as I believe you said about the likewise 2 party system:
Originally Posted by Det. Bart former jmac person
same **** different piles
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