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Originally Posted by jawathehutt View Post
Thank you for saying everything I would have said except I spent less time in Germany. I'm sure everyone here who has been to or is in college knows what happens when the people who were sheltered their entire life go to a party. In fact just last Saturday, I met a person like that, her first time drinking, she couldn't stand on her own and we threw a guy out for trying to "walk her home" without anyone who she knew. So ya, good thing her parents sheltered her so she could almost get raped when she left her bubble of safe things.
Excellent point....sums up my rant completely.
As long as parent guide their children properly, there's nothing wrong with the popular culture as it is

Just funny addition: I used to work at a school and one of the older teachers now had a child in her class and had known the child's mother too. She claimed the mother did stuff in the bicycle stand her own child would never do. Wild 70's (or 80's) eh?

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