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"Ready to get going?"

Yamato nodded, and accompanied Spectre to the hospital.

By then, Tategami dismissed Kaneda and walked away as soon as Dai approached them.

"I wouldn't call myself an expert...but I know a thing or two about medicine. What do you need to learn Kaneda?"

"I've heard of a certain Justu the fifth Hokage practiced." Kaneda began. "It allowed Tsunade to create cells by gathering chakra. She labelled it Yin Seal: Release. Seeing as you hold some education within the Medical Industry, I was hoping we could learn it together and somehow modify it..."

"I can't stand by and watch the same thing happen Asuka that did Karela. If I must wait due to this Kraken Tomb than I want to be challenged in my training. I want to be pushed beyond my limits, I want to be ready for these Arashi scum!"

Tategami could feel the burning anger and frustration within Takeda.

"I can understand how your feeling, Takeda. Especially when tis concerning your feelings for Asuka." he crossed his arms. "If you wish to be pushed to your limits, you must be specific in which area. Whether I could help depends on what you're requesting."
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