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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
I do hope they can turn away from their Bioware traditions though. I get a feeling some of the Dragon Age characters are recycled Kotor and Mass Effect characters.
Sarcastic 'Alien' : HK, Wrexx, Shale
The 'B*tch': Subject Zero, Morrigan
Redeemed Emo: Carth, Kaiden, Allistair
The funny fool: (multiple ME), Allistair, Zevron
The Assassin: Wrexx, Zevron

It get's quite tiresome.
The Mandalorians were right to respect you in the field of battle. Add Canderous to "The Assassin", and change that category to "The Spartan"; create a category called "Lawful Neophyte" and include Bastila and Ashley in thereof; Change "Redeemed Emo" to "Lawful Soldier"; remove the K2 characters, since they aren't of BioWare's "pedigree".

You see, if you've played one BioWare game, then you've essentially played them all, at least plot and narrative wise, that is. Behold:
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Why not something....different?
Doing something different doesn't sell, unfortunately.
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