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Smith cautiously peaked out the door, seeing that it was clear he inched forward before running towards the chutes he'd seen earlier. He was almost there when one of the 'things' he'd seen in Siberia jumped out of a suspiciously convenient alleyway. Fumbling for his gun, Smith found his Colt and fired off all 7 .45 caliber rounds into the thing's head, a perfect pattern in any academy. Nothing.

The damned thing didn't even slow down.

Throwing the pistol at the thing Smith found his Uzi and fired off all the rounds he could into the thing, keeping moving backwards at the same time, needless to say, the thing didn't stop.

"Dammit." He muttered, grabbing an HE grenade out of his tactical vest's pocket. He grabbed the nade and pulled the pin, starting a mental countdown in his head as he threw it at the zombie.

This one was smarter than most, and kicked it away, underneath a car.

Without any guns on him, Smith did the only thing he could, he drew his knife.

Jumping towards the thing he embedded the knife in the monster's back, only to be batted off as if he were a fly.

Crashing into the wall, Smith stared uncomprehendingly at the monstrosity raging towards him until it was almost too close.

Moving out of the way enough, he retrieved his knife from it's back and, this time, moved to slit it's throat. The diseased flesh split easily, giving Smith an idea.

He reached for his last nade, and pulled it's pin.

Charging the monster as fast he could, Smith embedded the grenade in it's throat, only to be thrown away. Wincing as he hit the concrete -Smith was sure he'd broken a few bones at that point- he watched in morbid fascination as the monster met it's end.

Suddenly caught by a coughing fit, Smith coughed out blood onto the pavement. He tried to stand up, but soon crumpled, his legs unable to support his weight at all.

Looking around, he could see the black creeping in around his vision. He found, approximetely where Atrianna's house was and started moving his way towards it, every merc had a safehouse, even corporate goons like him. And it would be a damned shame for it to go to waste.

Dragging himself towards her house on bloody fingers Smith was caught by a sudden thought. Couldn't it have just been an engine cowling or something easy?

His vision was almost covered in black by the time he dragged himself to Atrianna's door. Sitting himself on the wall next to it, wincing at the blood stained path he'd made, Smith took out a leather bound notebook and managed to scribble a quick note on an open page.

18664 Walnut Grove Lane, Lake City, Minnesota. Key in top pocket

Hopefully Atrianna would understand the message...

....hopefully Atrianna would understand the.....

....Atrianna would understand....

"God, I'm so sorry." He managed to say around his bloody lips. "God, I'm... so sorry."

((There, much more dramatic and worth of the story epic this promised to be. As for the safe house? Have fun with it, god only knows what's in there. Sorry about the mess on my way out. I'm sorry I'm leaving, but I can't get back into the story from an RP'ing perspective any more. Nothing personal, god knows I enjoy RP'ing with all of you!))

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