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Without turning his head to acknowledge the boy, Takai spoke to him.

"You know you're like a little leech that just won't die...but I have to give you credit. Getting in here must have been quite a task as you don't have teleportation jutsu."

Takai moved closer to Asuka and placed a hand on her cheek.

"Why I would never consider hurting someone as special as Asuka, not when she has so much...potential." Takai said moving to the other side of Asuka. " I guess that's one thing both Takeda and I share, a common interest in you."

Takai looked up at Yoroi and smiled.

"Well this is where our conversation ends, I do hope you have a good plan on getting out of here as this is Arashi territory."

Takai grabbed Asuka's shoulder and teleported the two away. He took the two of them to a location only he knew about. The room had the same gothic appearance as the previous room however in the middle of the room was a small well.

"Now then, do you know why you're so special?"


Takeda's mouth dropped a bit at Tategami's response.

But I didn't...right, the mind reading thing.

Takeda now saw why Kaneda hated when Tategami did that.

"Anything you could help me excel in would be most appreciated."
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