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Originally Posted by Zerath View Post
I'm having an issue, and I really think it os BOS:SR cauisng it. I'm on the Leviathan (sorry if this was brought up before) fighting Malak the second time. After I beat him, instead of Bastila charging in, it cuts to the talk you have with Carth and Bastila in deciding what party member will bust you out of prison...Afterwards, you're just stuck in the room.

I have a few other mods installed, and I would uninstall them all but BOS:SR, but at this point...SOme of the ones are the Bastila Inprovement mod, making her model look better while letting a feamale Revan romance her, teh Recruitable Kay mod that replaces Juhanni...I don't want to get rid of those after doing everything in the game that dealt with them. So is there anything I can do?

And I have used the patch, by the way, in case that had been an issue before...
I had this exact same issue and I had the same mods installed. I figured there was a conflict in them, especially with the Yavin 4 mod. At the time I had quite a few mods installed, Recruitable Kay, Yavin 4 mod, Bastila Improvement Mod, Bastila Romance mod (lol), BOS:SR and it's patch, Malehead Pack, Longsaber mod, featgain and fpgain by shem (I don't think those cause any issues, though...) and lastly I was using the "Lost Sith on a Lost Planet" mod. I just kind of threw them all in my override, so i'm lucky I even got to the Leviathan.

So I deleted my override and reinstalled BOS:SR and it's 1.1 patch, and I attempted to the save to see if it works. When I try to go to the white box on the planet map on the Ebon Hawk it lets me fly there, but when I make it to that place and try to leave the Ebon Hawk I get a black screen but I can still move around and I can still open up my menu.

I have the Best of PC SW collection and my computer is an XP with a good enough system to run the game on a higher detail.

So my immediate question is how I can fix that black-screen problem. Also I installed with the TSL patcher, with the patch, when prompted to replace the files on extraction I choose "Replace all" and then installed it with TSL. I have looked around a bit and I think that may be my problem, however I can't find anything else on that.

So my secondary question, is it possible to run these mods all at once or will I have a conflict? I want to have...

Yavin 4 mod
A lost Sith in a Nameless Planet (don't think this will cause any problems as it never prompts me to replace anything even after putting it in my override)
Recruitable Kay

Everything else is small stuff like the Bastila Improvement Mod, but I am not including the Bastila Romance Mod. I don't really like it, adds too much unvoiced dialouge.

Personally, I can do without the Yavin 4 mod because all the items that come from it are overpowered. But it would still be nice to have.

But before I figure out any of that I need to get BOS:SR to work!

Thanks for any input anyone can offer.
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