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Call me dim, but I'm having some issues here. I'm assuming that all I need to make this work is:

(a) SOMI:SE purchased, downloaded and installed from Steam
(b) ScummVM (I'm using the version updated on August 25, 2009)
(c) The newly released installer exe

So here are my questions then:

1. When I launch the new installer, it asks me to select a folder containing the game. Which folder do I actually select? Do I use "the secret of monkey island special edition", do I continue to select "audio", or do I go all the way to "classdub"?

2. When the process finishes, I direct ScummVM to the "classdub" folder to find the game?

3. When it offers me the option of three versions of Monkey Island (CD, FM Towns, etc.) which one do I select? And are there any special settings I will subsequently need to adjust?

4. Finally, where do the CD audio files wind up in case I want to replace them?

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