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that didnt last because i
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mashi is human filth and I cut her out of my life like the malignant tumor corrupting my blood and slowly consuming me.

i have never been happier. not that i'm truly happy yet, but i learned to stop hating myself because I will be with myself, if not completely alone forever and it's best to at least enjoy the ride. i'm done letting other people decide my emotions for me

i'm recovering from severe depression to the point of suicidal tendencies so sorry if i'm not the happy-go-lucky cheez you're used to seeing around.

You guys all really shaped me into the person I am now though. Not in a bad way, just without finding this place I don't know who I'd be like. Plus as crazy as it sounds I met probably one of my most trustworthy friends here (it won't be who you expect most likely) and it was a good waste of time.

I don't like Psychonauts anymore, I tried to pick it up and play it again but I just couldn't get interested. Maybe one day ten years from now I'll play it and cry my eyes out with nostalgia

maybe i will be dead

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