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"You're going to have this group Jumping?"

Ferris looked up from the map.

"Yes, I know, it sounds insane, but believe me, it is certainly better then walking. We have don't have the time to fully train our operatives in both parachute training and infiltration....and I feel horrible about it. Normally, we'd teach you everything you needed to know, but the report at Mittenwald could not be ignored...SHAEF itself demanded that neutralize the problem. This is going to be a Leap of Faith......"

"Ever get the feeling that something's staring you right in the face but you can't see it? I know I'm seeing something here that's familiar, but I can't come up with it."

Ferris nodded and gestured to the map once again.

"Yes indeed, we know it's on this map, but where? What is it? Hmmm....time, if only we had more time."

But there could be no more time. Ferris knew this, and he hoped the others knew as well. The Nazi's wouldn't give them time, it was either stop them now, or wait for them to come up with something terrifying.

Commandant's Post

Sturmbannfuhrer Wolff stepped into his office and immediately began reading the days reports.

Facility Bruno Report:

Chemical Xa1 Testing going as scheduled. Test A has yielded results that this chemical can be weaponized, as well as used to industrial advantage. May be involved with Nuclear Testing with Facility Axel.

Facility Kohler Report:

STG-44 class of Assault Rifles and above have been tested, using implemented points fueld with Xa1 Chemical. Infra-red scopes tested positive. Recommend immediate contact with Berlin to begin production. Weapon STG-3xa1 tested positive as well, all electro-pulse technology working accordining to original plan. For further completion, we require Nuclear Power. Recommend to Der Fuhrer in Berlin.

Wolff looked carefully through the reports, checking off list requirements and putting signatures at others. This job was more or less boring, as there was little to no action here, other then the occasional Resistance strike. He hoped that he may be able to use the Mittenwald Facilities' weapons soon....perhaps on the resistance.

[i[Yes....that would be wunderbar....[/i]

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