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((Yoroi is 19. ))

"You know you're like a little leech that just won't die...but I have to give you credit. Getting in here must have been quite a task as you don't have teleportation jutsu."

Yoroi chuckled inwardly. Not only did Takai keep forgetting that this was a Shadow Clone, but Yoroi indeed had a teleportation method: Flying Thundergod Technique with seals on his Chakra Disruptor Blades.

"Well this is where our conversation ends, I do hope you have a good plan on getting out of here as this is Arashi territory."

"Why would I leave? If I am to fight the Arashi, this is a perfect place to start."

Takai and Asuka teleported away. "Have it your way," Yoroi said with a shrug. Whatever Takai's interests were, it fine to have Asuka in his care for now as opposed to the Arashi.

Through another Shadow Clone's Rinnegan, Yoroi saw the latest part of his plan come into place. "Bring Zarela's body to Amegakure immediately."

* * *

"So you seek to push the power of the Rinnegan to the next level by using Pain's version of the Six Paths?" asked Konan. "Creative."

Yoroi nodded. "Who says that I must only have one set of Paths? I will reanimate several corpses as my own bodyguard to acquire their Kekkei Genkai. This will allow me to share their abilities with my Shadow Clones."

"You do realize that you need to spend many hours of training to develop the chakra needed to operate this many clones. Your normal Jonin chakra-levels won't cut it."

"I know, but it is what will be needed to destroy the Arashi, suppress Takai should he become an apparent threat, and protect Konoha."

Konan raised an eyebrow. "So are you a God of benevolence?"

Yoroi shook his head. "No, I am more like you, an angel. I will be the guardian angel of Konoha, hidden in the rain." Somehow, reaffirming his purpose suppressed the cold rage that the Rinnegan gave him. He felt more like himself again....

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