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"That could work. You'd have to talk to the Hokage about accessing the scroll. If I may do you plan on modifying it?"

"You're already aware that the Werebeast Form requires chakra from absorbing blood from the victim, in order to get stronger. Right?" he winked. "That technique basically creates a form of "stem-cells" that can heal any part of the body and even repair bodily organs. What if we could use those cells to create Chakra? It may be possible to create the fusion between my chakra and the newly created energy."

He rubbed his chin. "Though, that may require some effort. Not only that, but exhausting after I finish discharging it. But the way I see it, its better than having to drink blood."

He allowed Dai to think. "What do you think? Not only that, but you may find this technique usefull for yourself. I'll also need you to teach me the basics of Medical Ninjustu, in order for me to get a better understanding of this technique."


"Anything you could help me excel in would be most appreciated."

Tategami rubbed his chin.

"There are many ways to improve your skills. You could learn chakra manipulation in order to advance or create new justu's for yourself. Or you could take things to the next level... Learn a new form."

He allowed Takeda to absorb the suggestion.

"For example; Hokage Naruto learned Senjustu which resulted in his practice of Sage Mode; which ceased him from using his Jinchuuriki forms. Or theres the quicker alternative, and become a Werebeast; like Kaneda and I. But its your call; every choice has negatives to its respect."
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