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((I'm sorry, Ninja? How does Takai look again?))

"Awww, why the sad face Asuka? Run away from home again?"

Asuka knew that voice. She glanced up. It was Takai. She glared and turned away. Suddenly, she heard Yoroi's voice.

Yoroi stepped into view. "Obviously not, Takai."

The young girl became really happy to see him, other than Takai. But suddenly, she heard Takai say something about having a common interest in her. What was it? She was afraid to know...

All of a sudden, Asuka and Takai were teleported from Yoroi. She felt alone again. With this monster...

They finally came into a scary room with a small well in the middle of the room.

"Now then, do you know why you're so special?"

Asuka looked up at him, afraid. She moved backward. "N-N-No. I don't..."
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