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ok guys ive been a member on these forums for a long time and some of you still know me so im gonna let you in on my situation. Tuesday night my wife left me and took my 10 month old daughter with her. She apparently had been building a relationship with the 40 yr old guy on xbox live over the past few months. The past 2 months ive been selling what i could and busting my ass at work to make ends meet for us and it turns out this guy just mailed her $1000 to help her out. She put none of this money towards bilss or nothing. I overheard her tell him she loved him took the phone that i paid for called the cops and had her escorted out of my home. So now today she is on a flight from Dallas TX to Rhode Island to move in with this guy. She has NEVER met this guy only played videogames online with him. She is going for 3 weeks by herself, she comes back on Dec. 2 to spend the holidays with her family then she is taking my daughter with her.

This whole situation just confuses me because she just got on medication for her Bi-polar and post partum depression. While she was on these specific meds we were great with absolutely no problems. They switched her meds last week and we broke up a few days later.

People keep telling me that she will most likely come back to me. But after everything she has done to me i know i dont want to take her back, but i most likely would.

When i comes to our daughter the situation is difficult. She was 2 months pregnant when we got together. I raised someone elses child for almost a year, she calls me daddy. I taught her how to walk, say daddy, clap, she didnt even do that because i was letting her go to college. while i was home from work.

In short i have a lot of things running through my head and am looking for guidance/oppinions.

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