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You realise when you say things like "my patients describe" it just makes me picture a busty blonde in knee high boots and a miniskirt.

Me I lose hearing, typically in the left ear. Then I know a battle of breathing exercises is going to be the order of the day. I see sparks sometimes but that's usually associated with dizziness, probably the strongest sensation I get is the feeling of a liquid of some sort moving around, well that is I'm trying to move it around with concentration, to get it the hell away from me. That's the weirdest feeling, as if there was just some unknown thought or manner of thinking and concentration that could push it all right off your body completely.
When you can't all you can do is have a nap clutching your skull. It feels like someone has drilled a hole in your skull and cold air can just painfully blow through accentuating the ache. Not very pleasant, best to be drunk. Meh lately I've had blood in my throat a lot and scary looking moles on my legs so I'm not exactly holding out a lot of hope anyway. Sorta tired out from hard battles already fought, ya know? Point being I wouldn't know if they were migraines or not, if so it's been a ten year migraine that only occaisionally moves to the background. I move around so much I really can't be bothered bringing GP's up to date, the last one overreacts first and thinks I've got a brain tumor (had a dilated pupil in one eye that day) then goes the other extreme and calls me a hyperchondriac in need of counselling, dude I just came in for a doctors certificate for work, mate, tell it to the hand.
Some doctors I like, really like, some I really want to punch in the face.
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