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Originally Posted by jawathehutt View Post
Thank you for saying everything I would have said except I spent less time in Germany. I'm sure everyone here who has been to or is in college knows what happens when the people who were sheltered their entire life go to a party. In fact just last Saturday, I met a person like that, her first time drinking, she couldn't stand on her own and we threw a guy out for trying to "walk her home" without anyone who she knew. So ya, good thing her parents sheltered her so she could almost get raped when she left her bubble of safe things.
That is on the one side of too little sex. They don't know how toy handle it responsibly or at all.

Another example I'd like to point out is that even if the young lady in question is savvy about such things...if the parents were total nazis, the first thing she is going to do when she gets out of the house is to go find someone to satisfy her curiosities...or several someones. Or as the saying goes: All those nerdy good girls you know in/knew back in high school become (pardon my language) "slut of the year". Even now that hell of bothers me, but it's the parents' fault for isolating.

Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
As it's been stated, I guess you just have to know your kids. For some, media has a big influence, for some, not so much.
That's the major problem nowadays. It's all about sweeping it under the rug. Like it isn't what it is. That children will be children forever. Or that the parents are too wrapped up in themselves.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I wouldn't say there is too much sex in pop culture. I would say there aren't enough parents being parents in society.
While this is prevalent in isolated parenting, this is also just as much part of the other side of the issue: I have seen many in my life who have no/ have had NO parental regulation. The result is similar but opposite. From a young age these kids perpetrate acts against other kids--or god knows what else. Or they are in just as much a position to be taken advantage of as is an isolated kid. More often it is in the form of some rather low things they do and cover with lies. Allowing for such 'experimentation' or just full on over indulgence sets them up for no value or respect for such things.

Point being: Without the parental involvement, in any case, it is a tragedy waiting to happen and everything most likely will go to hell. Parents really need to NOT shy away from having these kind discussions with their kids. Play an active involvement in their kids' lives.

Don't get me wrong, I'm far from a prude. Heck, my parents who were die hard Republicans were also nudists. But it's all in HOW the sexual content is presented. I mean showing a hardcore sex scene as opposed to an actual love scene could make the difference in whether it's acceptable for a kid to see. It also depends on the age of the child too. Really it comes down to the parent deciding whether the kid is ready for the information. Or as I said... Parents being PARENTS
Major QFT.

Originally Posted by vanir View Post
I think sexual identification portrayed in media has a direct relationship with popular culture.

OP mistook "popular culture" with "commercial media" fyi, a form of popular culture is say, date culture in the 18-25yo demographic, where a form of commercial media is a television show or a magazine genre (like Cleo or Girlfriend).

In date culture for example I've noted a prevalence among American female profiles at date sites to be preferences and dating criteria of sexual compatability. Which is rather odd considering that discussion is purely behavioural and hasn't the slightest thing to do with personality, if either or both parties are involved in personal development and development of their relationship.
Dating culture among Americans in particular (this does not hold true for Euro date culture at all, who've totally different priorities), seems to be largely centred upon prepackaged commercial marketing. Women are full of win, and awesome, and have so much personality, and men have achieved such and such goals by such age and demonstrate particular backgrounds and future prospects. Plus it's very clicky, and in the vast majority of cases all these claims are wholly the product of good salesmanship and are in no way reflective of the individual you've become interesting subsequently in dating.
Wow, and this is an outsider's perspective. You hit it right on the nose I think. Clique-ish stuff turns me off from the get-go. I actually abhor most, if not all, dating sites. There is no better way than to get to know the individual first.

I often times find myself saying "WTH" at some of the absurd expectations. And frowning at their attitude: if you don't have a bachelor's degree by the time you are 16, have 3 cars and 2 homes, look like hollyweird's newest fashion, are too manly or wussy, you do do this, you don't do that, you're a complete and total loser.

Euro culture is less sex-centric, which is funny because they're a lot less hung up about sex over there than in the 'States, hell adolescant teens do the nudist beach thing without a drama and have witty repore and a bemused smirk for dirty old men who might want to stalk them, who'll be totally outmatched in terms of who controls this game here.
They're way more into personality, and saying you're an out of work artist doesn't mean you're a redneck from a trailer park telling big ones, it means that's actually what you are no lie, and it gets you as many dates as any fake "bad boy" act in yankland.
We do have that here, but it's not likely to be found online...or in the clubs.

I'm tired of pretending--the flings and extra marital affairs with mil*'s were fun while they lasted but I sort of feel sick from it. Like eating too much fast food.

So yeah I think yank culture sucks eggs and you did it with dumb as can be sexual elevation in media. Now every little pubescant 14yo think's the universe owes her millions of dollars and all the Brad Pitts she can sleep with because she grew breasts.
Thank you. Though I think I take exception to the 'yank' part, I think you have nailed this one perfectly.
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