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"You're special because of your blood. Your uncle was a great man Asuka, he truly was. You know your father was also a great man. Yes, I know about your family history. Remember when you tried to eliminate me? Not only did you form a mental link with Takeda, but you formed one with me as well. I learned how special you really were that day. Your uncle was a wise man, not only that but he was kind hearted and very courageous. Your father was cold, strong, agile and very threatening. When you were born you all those traits were passed to you and that's what makes you're the perfect warrior."

Asuka stopped backing away, staring at Takai with saddened blue eyes. Why did he want her so badly? Just because she had her father and Uncle Chokichi's blood... she never wanted to become bad. Never...

The young girl bit her lower lip nervously as he continued.

"That's why the Arashi wanted you so badly. Your father had joined them and once they found out about your rare condition they wanted you. Your little friend Karela was taken before you though, do you know why? They wanted to turn Karela into the perfect monster, capable of wiping out villages with a flick of her wrist. Together the two of you would be an unstoppable force. All those times people have called you weak was to make you think were so. You have great power, and with my help I can show you just what you can do."

She gasped silently. "But... but how can you help me? I mean... you nearly killed Takeda. You nearly hurt my friends." She then glared up at him. "Why should I trust you?"
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