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Originally Posted by MysticSpade View Post
GTA you have a very valid point. But alas lawyers arent free nor are paternity tests which is the hard part. Im trying to let her go but its hard given everything we've been through but i just cant stand by and let her take my daughter to another state to live with someone that she doesnt know at all. Sure shes visiting him for 3 weeks but that doesnt mean shes gonna find out everything that she will need to know about him in that time.
That is why you must prepare for the worst. Even if you think you still love her. If she's this close now--what's to say she won't gun it on full next time? You're not doing this just for you, you're doing this for your little girl.

StarWarsPhreak has made another reccomendation to another radio show giving legal advice. I know it's not free but both these sites do have stuff to help you out. But it's totally your call. You wanted help, this is the best I could offer.

At least learn your legal rights and recourse you could take.

If you do take her back, then she really needs to get serious help--this must be a condition for her to continue living with you. As a sign of good faith. Maybe check her in somewhere.

I just don't want to see you out on the street with nothing, man. I may not know you very well on these forums, but I see this happen all the time and it bothers me.
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