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Telos Secret Academy problems

OK, i am trying to leave the Secret Academy.

I have had trouble with it, i have the patched game plus the restored content mod. I kept getting a black screen after the first meeting with the handmaidens. I saved and came back and was able to get all the dialog but

the handmaidens will accept my challenge for a duel, but when i get to the practice room, there is no combat menu triggered. The handmaiden just stands there, i click on her and keep getting the green head for dialog but no combat choices. So i cant fight

Is there a special way to trigger hand to hand combat? i can choose that stance with the small icon to the left of my portrait but my character just goes into the unarmed combat stance and stands there, I cant get him to do anything. ....i looked in the manual but no help on how to do hand to hand

i am going to retrace my steps and try to get out of the SA but wondered about this hand to hand
thanks for any help/

well i tried, but i cant board the Ebon Hawk. I avoided combat but i still cant board the ship. Do i need to get the droid out of the force field? and if so, how?

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