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(( lol ok, Cyborg. Seeing as you've made things difficult for me by searching through the Naruto wiki, I've decided to create something more original for you.))

"I know I don't want to become a Werebeast. I don't have a Jinchuuriki form so I don't think learning Naruto's sage mode would help me. Exactly what other forms are out there sensai?"

Tategami was somewhat relieved that Takeda didnt wish to become a Werebeast, like him and Kaneda.

"There are other forms which may help you in battle, but most of those are exclusive to Orochimaru's Juinjustu..." he continued. "But there is one form that I have heard of which may suit your needs. I've never learned it, but according to our records, its classified as a Forbidden Justu thats documented within the Scroll of Seals."

"Its called the Butai Affinity Seal. What it does is it adapts your body to your Nature Type, which essentially skyrockets the power of your ninjustu, as well as increase your strength and speed. From my understanding, it rivals the full power of a Werebeast to the point where they are equal. But like the Werebeast form, there are limitations; You cant stay in the form for more than 40 minutes, otherwise your body will permanantly adapt to your element, and you eventually die from too much exposure."

__________________________________________________ ______

"I'm certainly not the best teacher you could ask for but I'll give it a shot. If you really want to learn you'll have to make some time in between your training. Even the basics of Medical style jutsu can take time to learn."

Kaneda grinned. "Shouldnt be a problem. I've got two weeks to perfect the Werebeast Form. After that, I'll be under your tutoring full time, as well as train with you. All this should take at least a month and a half, if we keep to the schedual."

"Besides, it took Naruto one night to master the Shadow Clone Technique, right? Well, that may depend on the complexity of this Fūinjutsu we are about to learn."
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