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^ I second that notion.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
He found a illegal “shorn-off” shotgun in his garden. Instead of calling the police, he waited until the next day and call the Chief Superintendent, but instead of telling what he had found, he just asked if he could “pop in and see him.” Then he took the gun to the police station? What was this guy thinking? How did he know the gun had not been used in a crime? How did he know his garden was not actually a crime scene?
Having once worked along side law enforcement as a Sargent once told me: "Unless you know *every* little thing about an item, you don't know jack squat; where it's been, what it was used for, or even who ELSE it belonged to."

I really don’t know what being a former soldier has to do with anything, but I would have thought such discipline required for the military would have taught him to think better.
You aren't the only one, my friend. This sounds like a mistake that no average citizen (with even moderate common sense) should make.

You find an illegal weapon on your property, you call the police. Let them handle removing and investigating the reasons that weapon is where it should not be. You do not take that weapon yourself to a police station. I can understand the rule and I can also understand why there is a zero tolerance for violating that law.
Well, now that is true. Least the guy could have done is taken measures to avoid getting handprints and fingerprints on it. :¬:

Ignorantia juris non excusat - Ignorance of the law does not excuse. However in this case a little common sense could have saved Mr. Paul Clarke a lot of heartache.

EDIT: I still think the law is overblown and that the penalty is rather steep.

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