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"Shouldnt be a problem. I've got two weeks to perfect the Werebeast Form. After that, I'll be under your tutoring full time, as well as train with you. All this should take at least a month and a half, if we keep to the schedual."

"Besides, it took Naruto one night to master the Shadow Clone Technique, right? Well, that may depend on the complexity of this Fūinjutsu we are about to learn."

Dai nodded.

"Thats good to hear. The sooner we start you on the basics of medical jutsu the better. We could probably learn it even faster if I trained with you for an hour per day."


Karela remained out cold as the twin sets of memories running through her head continued to appear in front of her eyes. She couldn't seem to wake herself up as the memories continued to flood her mind.

She saw a man wearing Samurai armor charging her and then she saw the same man holding a sword to her throat before lightly cutting it.


The more memories appeared the more they conflicted with one another. There was only one conclusion that she could come to in her current state of mind.

One set of memories was fake.

Which is real? Which is real? Which is real?
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