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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
I don't know if it's so much fear as it is apathy.
Well the problem we face today was created out of the fear shown during the 60's sexual liberation movement, and that only came out of earlier versions of puritanical ideas of modesty. The western idea of modesty and indecency has really only catapulted the idea that now bites us in the ass when it comes to sex.
As well we created generations, that are now taking over media, holding ideas that there isn't to be a respect of relationships themselves. Domestic abuse is back on the rise due to the return of the idea that sexual partners are merely objects, and it's rising more in female-on-male violence. Of course unfortunately most of this is being clouded with the arguments of over-exploitation and the "rise" of sexual fetishism involving BDSM, this however is untrue and there's no evidence to indicate there has been any rise in bondage fetishists.
A lesson history has already taught us is that over-indulgence is a killer, but so is fearing something so much we eliminate it's existence. With proper education and the divulgence of information, it won't matter how much sex covers our media.

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