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I'll let moderators do their job but maybe suggest another thread be opened on this off-topic but gun related discussion. This thread is about european laws (though maybe not without an implicit scoff, to and fro, Americans and Euros) and someone violating a law with a lack of common sense. Unless this is all part of the same discussion?

Whose to say the high society we appreciate today with no (apparent) practical need for firearms will last forever? It won't. Societies and all things eventually crumble, wither, or in some way cease over time. It may be seconds long or it may span millenia.

No guns means no gun violence, true. Once guns have been introduced into the equation, however, you'll never get rid of them. I am fairly certain if we got rid of all guns and all plans for them--one day another person would rediscover and reinvent them even given no evidence physically or historically.

At some point arms are involved with preserving and protecting society. We live in an age where threats are minor and docile. But that could all change. Hence my preference for preparedness. I do not share blind trust in government, so I am that of the self reliant, self preserving mind and someone other than military, law enforcement, or government has to keep up on it.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
So you end up getting potentially killed regardless of whether gun control is strict or not. Note that as much as there is a 'chance' of a school shooting, there is a similar 'chance' of you or your family getting into mortal danger. Also note that when you are on the receiving end of a school shooting, you are in mortal danger yourself, and to protect yourself, you will need guns - in school. This will turn the school shooting into a two-way gang war, which will potentially put at risk dozens of other students. For their safety, they will require guns as well. This turns the scenario into an anarchist free-for-all war.

Hint: Somalia has very lax gun laws.
Ah Sabre, how did I know you'd say something like this?

I won't say the likelihoods are uniformly true all across the board and vanir is right: it really comes down to cultural differences and personal preference.
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