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Not quite. Watch the duels portrayed in the movies... Dooku uses the force a lot before, DURING and after his saber battles (all of which he wins, incidentally other than his final battle with Anakin).

Sideous as well uses a saber well enough in Episode III, beating three Jedi before the fourth overwhelms him (when all three attacked at once). He also scares Yoda so badly that Yoda runs away (despite the fight being more or less an even match).

I'll grant you that the cinematography of the fight Sideous has with Mace Windu's three accomplices is pretty poor. I guess most of it comes from the fact that Lucas threw it together at the last minute (Ian McDiarmond admits in the Episode III bonus material that he hadn't been given much fight training and most of his dueling was done with CGI and editing late in production of the final prequel).

You'll notice that Maul uses the Force during his fights, so there's no rule against using it, and it's not as if he couldn't.

I think it's clear that Lucas was making it up as he went along. He didn't "invent" Force lightning until after Empire Strikes Back (the closest thing to it is a big blue-white ball of energy that Vader throws and Luke sends flying back at him in "Splinter of the Mind's Eye" written by Alan Dean Foster in 1979, which is based on some rejected ideas for a "cheap sequel" if Star Wars had not been the huge hit that it was... all this was shelved in favor of what we saw in ESB). And we had no idea really who could and couldn't use Lightning all those years. The EU speculated that it was just a power you got after you became powerful enough (most Star Wars games for example let not only bad guys but also good guys use this power when they get strong enough in the Force; the Episode I: TPM game on PSX and PC gave Maul red lightning for example). Later some of the games decided it was ONLY for Dark Siders (Dark Jedi and Sith).

Episode II threw us for a loop by giving it to Dooku (and inexplicably Obi-Wan and Yoda knew how to defeat it... was there some ancient manual on fighting Sith in the Jedi archives that they'd read but Anakin hadn't?).

Another "shock" to many people was that Yoda and Palpatine used lightsabers, because up to this point a lot of fans speculated that once you got powerful enough in the force you didn't use them (or they took Yoda's words in ESB to be literal, that he was some kind of pacifist... though it was odd that he was training Luke to assassinate the two leaders of the Empire). Some of the EU told us that both of these guys used lightsabers, but again, force lightning was never clear.

So as to why Maul never used it, is still pure speculation, just like why Vader never used it. There are answers sure, but they're contradictory. The movies really don't tell us, and leave it an open question.

Essentially it seems like Force powers are inconsistent, and are completely dependent upon the writers' whim.

So I guess Maul didn't assign the force points on his profile during that spawn, or he was out of mana at the time.

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